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EK Sowell
Inspector Instructor #41
Hazmat Training For Divestores
Title 49 CFR 172.700

A scuba/scba cylinder fill station catastrophe, though unlikely to occur, could spell disaster for your business.  Deaths or grave injuries have occurred nearly every year from cylinder explosions or component failures.  And 90% of explosive failures occur during the filling process.

For this reason the U.S. Government enacted Title 49 CFR 172.700.  Simply stated it mandates that all persons who handle, transport, or are likely to be affected by the hazards of compressed gas cylinders and their contents, must receive appropriate safety training.  The regulation further states that hazardous material (hazmat) training within the dive and fire protection industries  should provide specific safety awareness for all applicable groups, such as employees, service technicians, air fill station operators (FSO), nitrox gas blenders as well as volunteer helpers, and even customers.

EK Sowell provides training to cylinder inspectors.  His business provides a one day training course to representatives of fire departments and dive stores.

Training for hazmat affected employees must be completed within 90 days of hire and must be renewed every three years.   For more information about renewal training contact at (936) 564-3483. 

The training must include:
1. General awareness/Familiarization training;
2. Function-specific Training; and
Safety training concerning emergency response, measures to protect employees, methods and procedures for avoiding accidents and safe handling procedures.

A typical PSI training course includes: proper handling, filling, suggested fill policies, transporting, inspection, how to detect disguised damage, storage, establishing a respiratory protective program, record keeping, and more. 

To receive more information about how the regulation effects your business, or to get information about training or renewal, call EK Sowell 936.564 3483 or you may e-mail him at info@bauerair.com or visit the website at www.bauerair.com.

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PSI and PCI Dates
2011 & 2012
December 6 Nacogdoches, TX
January 14 Nacogdoches, TX
February 25 Nacogdoches, TX
April 20 Nacogdoches, TX
June 15 Nacogdoches, TX
July 27 Nacogdoches, TX
September 7 Nacogdoches, TX
November 30 Nacogdoches, TX
...More to come!

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Regulator Repair Clinic and
Equipment Specialty (and Instructor) Course

Broaden your skills and earn a repair certificate to become authorized under certain conditions to work on Oceanic regulators. This hands-on repair clinic intoduces you to Oceanic's multi-product line of 1st and 2nd stage regulators. Parts are only available via an authorized Oceanic distributor. Training materials included. This includes either the consumer course, or for PADI AI's and above, a Specialist Instructor Course as a prerequisite to repair prior to the Oceanic clinic. The Instructor course goes through an abbreviated role model version of the consumer equipment specialty course.
Equipment Specialty courses will be held (from 11-5 pm) on the same day as the Clinic (6-10 pm).

Next Class Date: December 7th. Call (936) LOG-DIVE for more information.

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